“Green Electrical Solution was very efficient with the install of our solar system. Jay was our main contact.  When he scheduled work he stuck to his timeline. He was very pleasant to communicate with and the project was well-managed.”
Larry and Marilyn Kennedy
Carbondale Colorado

“I first started working with (Jay Bure) Solar Solutions in 1994 when I was designing an off grid home outside of Fort Collins.  Jay was not yet the owner, but he would soon work his way up through the ranks and purchase the business.  Along the way he and I worked together on several off grid solar homes and other projects involving solar PV, solar thermal and wind generating systems.  No matter what he was working on, Jay was always extremely thorough, highly competent and knowledgeable.  The quality of his workmanship is first rate, and all of the systems he built years ago are still running smoothly with a bare minimum of maintenance.  I would recommend Jay and Solar Solutions for any renewable energy project, whether it be working with PV, wind or water to harness the power of the sun.”
Alex Blackmer
President, Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Executive Director, The Atmosphere Conservancy

“(Jay Bure) Solar Solutions designed and installed a solar water heating system when I rebuilt my front porch in 2009. The project was a success- on time, under budget and first class, which can be quite difficult when the platform is a 100 year old house. I was pleased to have Solar Solutions design and install my photovoltaic system several years later on my new garage/greenhouse- once again total satisfaction. There is no better testimonial than repeat business. I highly recommend Solar Solutions.”
Peter Michael
Cheyenne Wyoming

“Jay installed a set of solar panels in my backyard and I had a very positive experience with him during this project. He was prompt, efficient, and courteous, and he was effective in communicating with me in terms of the options I had for installing photovoltaic panels and with respect to various guidelines, inspections, and tasks that needed to be completed. He kept to the original schedule that we developed for installation. The panels have been operating for several years now and I have had no problems with them: on the contrary, they withstood a very damaging hail storm that caused every house roof in my neighborhood to be replaced. I highly recommend Jay as a skilled and efficient expert on solar systems.” 
Ellen Wohl
Fort Collins Colorado

“I do want to thank you (Jay Bure) and Solar Solutions for the enthusiasm and quality workmanship shown in setting up our alternative energy installations. (Solar Heating/ DHW and PV Grid tie systems) Keeping our installations simple and conservative,… (The solar systems have) maintained physical stability in the face of the frequent wind micro-bursts this side of the mountains. … I am thinking of the next PV expansion phase something to drive a fuel cell, and will let you know when I get to planning the design.”
Bob Stottlemeyer
Redstone Canyon Colorado