– Grid Tie 1

– PV Grid Tie System/ Wohl Residence








“Jay (Solar Solutions) installed a set of solar panels in my backyard and I had a very positive experience with him during this project. He was prompt, efficient, and courteous, and he was effective in communicating with me in terms of the options I had for installing photovoltaic panels and with respect to various guidelines, inspections, and tasks that needed to be completed. He kept to the original schedule that we developed for installation. The panels have been operating for several years now and I have
had no problems with them: on the contrary, they withstood a very damaging hail storm that caused every house roof in my neighborhood to be replaced. I highly recommend Jay as a skilled and efficient expert on solar systems.”


Ellen Wohl, Fort Collins, Colorado

Understanding the importance of sustainable energy, Ellen wanted to build a PV grid tie system. The roof of her home would not allow a system that would have had acceptable solar energy production. The solution was to provide a low profile, ground mounted system that would conform to easement restrictions and the community HOA regulations. After careful designing and planning the system is a sturdy example of overcoming the obstacles. Ellen’s Grid tie PV system reduces her electric bill each month by offsetting her coal burning electric usage and providing clean, sustainable energy from the sun.