– Grid Tie & Heating

– PV Grid Tie and Thermal Heating / DHW systems


Stottlemeyer House

Stottlemeyer arrays

Stottlemeyer arrays front View


“I do want to thank you and Solar Solutions for the enthusiasm and quality workmanship shown in setting up our alternative energy installations. (Solar Heating/ DHW and PV Grid tie systems) Keeping our installations simple and conservative,… (The solar systems have) maintained physical stability in the face of the frequent wind micro-bursts this side of the mountains. … I am thinking of the next PV expansion phase something to drive a fuel cell, and will let you know when I get to planning the design.” — Bob Stottlemeyer, Redstone Canyon, Colorado


Bob built this house with low energy consumption and solar in mind. South facing windows allow for passive solar heating. Bobs solar thermal heating system is made up of nine 4×10 Solar Thermal collectors. An insulated 500 gallon custom built stainless steel tank is storage for solar hot water that heats domestic hot water as well as heating the home through fan coil units. The only maintenance that has been done in 14 years on this system is replacing the two thermistors on the thermal collectors. Bob turned off his existing hot water tank heater in 2001, and it has never been on since. This Solar Thermal heating system cut Bobs propane consumption by about 50%. The second solar system is a 3.4 kw, ground mounted solar PV grid tie system. This solar system reduces Bobs coal burning electric consumption and provides clean energy from the sun.