– Grid Tie PV & DHW

– Peter Michaels PV and DHW Systems


Solar Greenhouse 2015 (4)_ResolutionPlus


“Solar Solutions designed and installed a solar water heating system when I rebuilt my front porch in 2009. The project was a success- on time, under budget and first class, which can be quite difficult when the platform is a 100 year old house. I was pleased to have Solar Solutions design and install my photovoltaic system several years later on my new garage/greenhouse- once again total satisfaction. There is no better testimonial than repeat business. I highly recommend Solar Solutions.” — Peter Michael, Cheyenne, Wyoming

During the careful renovation of his 100 year old home with historical preservation in mind, Peter incorporated a Solarium on the south side of the home. Above the Solarium, a single 4x 10 thermal collector in landscape position is installed, blending into the home (Pictures to come!). This DHW system heats a stainless steel tank that feeds the existing hot water tank, allowing the tank to remain off, reducing gas consumption and his gas bill. Peters next project was building a garage, incorporating a greenhouse on the south side. Above the glass of the greenhouse, was a perfect place for his Solar Electric grid tie system. Peters Grid Tie PV system back feeds the utility grid, reducing his coal burned electric consumption, reducing his electric bill, while providing clean sustainable energy from the sun.  

(More Photos To Come!)