– Off Grid & Heating

– Northern Colorado Off Grid Home with integrated Solar thermal system


Off Grid Inverter

Off Grid Battery Bank

Ground Mounted Drain Back

600 Gallon Stainless Steal Drainback tank

Fan Coil Portion

Radiant Slab Portion - back up on demand heaters


This home was built with quality, super efficiency and endurance in mind. The Off grid PV array is mounted as an awning to shade the Solarium in the hottest months and to allow sun in during the colder months. The PV system is designed and built to maximum efficiency.  Custom built low voltage controls for the heating systems allows the inverter to remain sleeping since transformers are eliminated. The custom built well controls pump water into the cistern while the voltage is high (sunny and full batteries). This allows the homeowner to live in comfort while keeping the generator off more often. A propane generator is also integrated with the PV system to back up and equalize the batteries for the home when needed.  The super insulated walls and ceilings lend itself perfectly to be heated with solar. The 10 – 4ft x 10ft panel solar thermal system utilizes a 600 gallon custom built stainless steel tank for solar heat storage.  The system delivers heat via radiant slab and fan coil units, all zoned to maximize comfort and efficiency. There are 2 copper heat exchange coils in the tank, one for radiant slab heat and on for domestic hot water.  Two on demand hot water tanks back up the radiant slab heating system and domestic hot water when needed.